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Introducing South London’s Dylan Williams, labelled by some as one of the realist rappers to date. Having released a number of songs and projects, music brodcasted across various radio stations, headlined shows and performed at Birthdays the journey has been a joy to watch.

The rapper is ready for a rap industry takeover with his intense bars, creative lyrics and unbelievable flows. His style of music is heavily inspired by his upbringing. Lyrically you hear him depicting his life stories: he is honest, transparent and holds nothing back.

The writer, storyteller, and freestyler can be seen on his Instagram page dropping freestyles to different styles of beats with his flows landing perfectly on the beat. He is lyrically progressive and speaks the truth about life, this is portrayed through his music which is a direct reflection of his own life challenges and accomplishments.

His heavily anticipated Soul Sundays Vol 1 project is set to be released within the last quarter of 2020.