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ARCHITECHS – Music Beats Life EP, Body Groove 2020 & Music Beats Life Initiative (PRESS RELEASE) 

2020 has been a year to remember for us all. For the Architechs. even more so. February 2020, founding member Ashley sadly passed away. A talent like no other. There, from the beginning – with the UK Garage group that revolutionised the UK garage scene with their fledgling track – 1998’s, The Boy is Mine, a bootleg that went on to sell 50,000 copies. 

That 1998 classic was followed by 2000s Body Groove – a platinum-selling monster, that continues to destroy dancefloors. A true classic

Architechs, are now led by Ashely’s’ younger brother, Tre Lowe. 

Tre Lowe: “My brother’s death was a total shock, he was only 49. He died suddenly with little warning. He was super excited about life and was looking forward to 2020, with new music and a 20th anniversary re-release of Body Groove. He’s passed the torch on to me, and I will honor him 1,000,000%. Even though he’s gone, he’s still with us – His vibe lives forever”.

The EP, Music Beats Life will contain the 20thanniversary mix of Body groove and remixes. Also, the last track Ashley worked on, a garage banger called – Running on the spot, will be featured.

Both Body Groove 2020 and Running on the spot feature the incredible vocals of UK singer/songwriterCrystxl King.

Over the years, singer/songwriter and past model Crystxl King perfected her craft on the live circuit with incredible performances. Her many live appearances include performing on stages alongside the likes of Omar, Ed Sheeran, Dru Hill, and R&B smoothie Joe Thomas, alongside having been a support act for De La Soul at London’s Jazz Café.   

Being a self-confessed garage music lover back in the ’90s Crystxl King refers to the “Music Beats Life” EP’ as being “the perfect project for me”. Which, she recalls, fell into her lap after a good friend introduced her to Architechs DJ and songwriter Tre Lowe during a night out at Bungalow 8 in London, suggesting that they work together on new music. 

“Garage hit the late 90’s like a tidal wave and it swept me up with it” Crystxl King reminisces. “My older brother Junior was a DJ at the time and Champion of the East London DJ Championships. His sets were strictly garage only! He definitely influenced my love of this music genre; the soulful sing-along vocals and the energy that came from the music, made it the most uplifting era of music I have experienced so far in my lifetime. I am excited to see Architechs reigniting this flame and it’s a pleasure to be on-board”. 

The addition to the Ep is the launch of the Music Beats Life Initiative. 

Music Beats Life – is an initiative set up to empower young people. in memory of Ashley

Tre: “My brother’s passing has fired me up. As painful as his death is, and probably, always will be, I am a firm believer in celebrating life and honoring it. Ashley’s life is an inspiration. That’s the person my brother was – always there to inspire others. That’s the legacy I will pass on through our music.”

The initiative goes beyond music. 

A familiar face on the streets of Notting Hill, Ashley was always on hand to give those words of encouragement and inspiration to all that knew him. 

Tre also is passionate about inspiring others. As a mentor, as a tinnitus awareness campaigner impacting millions and with two coaching and success companies – creating leaders in various fields. Tre is combining his passion with Ashely’s passion for people, and young people especially. 

Tre: “The initiative is called Music Beats Life, taken from a line Ashley wrote in Body Groove – ‘and you know that music really beats life’. Because music does beat life. Without music, life wouldn’t be worth living. 

This initiative will be the platform to inspire, champion, and support, not just young musicians, but all young creative talent. Which is especially important for those from BAME backgrounds. Facing the disproportional effects of Covid-19 and the fall-out from events in the US – shining a spotlight on disadvantage from across the pond. 


* Raise money to enable, mentor & support young people. Also, create events for young people to nurture their talents, express themselves, create leadership in their lives and the lives of others. 

* share proceeds from ARCHITECHS music releases in pursuit of empowering young people.

* Partner with charities committed to impacting young people, especially their mental health, with an additional spotlight on bame youth.

As two young poor black kids from Ladbroke Grove – we had to rely on others to finance our first records. Provide us with a studio. I am determined to pass that support, inspiration, and action on to others, in a big way.”

“Creativity, in all its guises, has to shine – nothing should get in the way of it. We need it now more than ever. Every young creative mind should have a chance to be unleashed!” 

The launch date for the EP, Body Groove 2020 and the Music Beats Life initiative is TBC